The 3penny Fun Palace Radio Variety Show

The all too relatable stories

Some of the best songs in music or theatre, 

The starkness we might wish didn’t exist, but does.

Monday April 18 Doors at 7:30 |
Show at 8pm  / Burdock Music Hall

1184 Bloor St W

Jacob Zimmer mixed down the story for this time and place and for the Fun Palace Players - a dream group of Melissa D’Agostino, Christopher Stanton, Sedina Fiati, and Liz Peterson with Richard Feren on sounds and computer and Matt Reid on piano and sounds. Simone Schmidt reworked many of the lyrics.

Special Guests :

Selina Martin sings about boats and respecting servers; Anand Rajaram on the importance of an easy life; Thom Gill singing a sad song for the wise; Aisha Sasha John singing along with the lessons we get taught. And Evan Webber introduces the crimes. And even more, like the 3penny choir for example.

The regular Fun Palace segments are there too:

Questions in the Dark
about organizing the precarious

Is That Legal?
on the limits of control and protest

Delayed Knee Jerk Reaction
to the founding of banks.

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What name should we use?