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Fun Palace Radio Serendipity Video Overdub

in which a scene from The Fun Palace Radio Variety Show and a serendipitous-but-not-quite-random video from the internet are played over each other revealing truths (or not) inaccessible from either one alone. 


1. Press PLAY on the video. MUTE THE VIDEO (quick, bottom left) It might be muted already. Best to make sure.

2. Press PLAY on the audio below and scroll back up to watch the video with the new soundtrack. Milage will very - but aways for the better.

^^^^ PRESS PLAY ^^^^^

Video by Rev. Jay Goldstein (visit his page and watch with sound!!) 

Text by the Staff of  The Globe and Mail. Sunday November 30, 2015  Read from a scroll [raw PDF]

Fun Palace Players: Christopher Stanton, Susanna Fournier, Becky Johnson, Jacob Zimmer, Richard Feren, Jonathan Adjemian. Directed by Chris Earle.


2015 podcast - May 3, 2015 - Pilot

"You know as much as I do." Episode 1.

Cedric makes a podcast for the Fun Palace.

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