FP06 - Instructions for Listening

On this episode: Songs from Sasha Chapin, Gabe Lavine, Liz Peterson and Matt SmithQuestions in the Dark with Michael Lewis Johnson and The Mysterious Death of WB with the Fun Palace Players including: Brendan Gall, Becky Johnson, Jacob Zimmer, Susanna Fournier, musical direction and piano by Jonathan Adjemian, and sound design & mixing by Richard Feren. Directed by Chris Earle.

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Show Notes:

03:57: A Song : Golden Ticket by Sasha Chapin

06:30: Fun Palace Players present The Mysterious Death of WB

In the previous chapter the clearly alcoholic private eye/business owner Gabriel Novus, visited the eccentric sister of Walter Benjamin. So far we know that Benjamin might be suicidal and is carrying a heavy briefcase that may or may not contain a manuscript, that may or may not exist. Now he is once again on a train he loathes heading South to find out more.

13:10:  A Song: Range of Emotion by Gabe Lavine with Ivy Mairi, Martha Farquhar-McDonnell

17:04: Questions In The Dark with Michael Louis Johnson

29:55 A song: Blood Wedding Lullaby by Matt Smith & Liz Peterson