Fun Palace gets some nice press

After a great and productive Edition at the Rhubarb (that I'm about to start editing and releasing) we got a couple of nice mentions.

The first at Tunes for Tea where the unnamed writer said:

It is both incredibly entertaining in person and as an online entity- featuring interviews, parodies, continued chapters of radio dramas, and storytelling among a "variety" of content for our listening pleasure. 

Read the whole thing and watch a video of musical guest Stewart Legere here.

The second is at Culturebot. Andy Horwitz visited Canada for a conference about criticism and wrote about it – he also saw TDT's voyager by Ame Henderson, Jennifer Castle and the TDT crew, and some shows at Rhubarb including the Fun Palace.

I gotta say it was a real treat. Smart, funny, self-aware but not self-satisfied, it was great live theater that also makes for excellent radio. 

Read the whole thing HERE. The performance review stuff is near the bottom.

As a (¿recovering?) New York downtown theatre nerd and a long time reader of Culturebot, I'll admit to being pretty into being mentioned.

Now I'm writing grants and plotting the launch of the first full Fun Palace season in October. SIGN UP for emails if you want to keep informed.