FP01 - "You know as much as I do"

The Fun Palace Radio Variety Show Episode 01

On this episode: Songs from Ryan Kamstra, ANAMAI and Felicity Williams. Chapter One of The Mysterious Death of WB and Questions in the Dark with campaigner and artist Maggie MacDonald.


Thank you for coming to the website. I am Cedric Littlewood, and hopefully I will write to you again in future show notes.

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The Show:

Official welcome:

On behalf of the Fun Palace, I’d like to thank you for listening and we’d like to thank Cedric for editing and hosting this podcast. We hope and expect there will be more soon.
May your day be filled with the variety you deserve. 
Enjoy the show.

- Jacob Zimmer, The Fun Palace Official Steward.

– 00:00:00: The theme song was adapted, arranged and performed by Scott Maynard

– 00:02:10: An original song titled "Heart Needs A Home" recorded at The Monarch Tavern from Ryan Kamstra. Ryan is a writer of poems, fiction, and songs.  He is the author of Late Capitalist Sublime and Into The Drowned World, two books of poetry.  He was also a songwriter for the band Tomboyfriend. FOLLOW on TWITTER

– 00:06:10 Chapter One of The Mysterious Death Of WB.

The truth unknown, or even when it's known, we just make it up.

The Fun Palace Players are Jacob Zimmer with Becky Johnson, Christopher Stanton, and Susanna Fournier. The music director and voice of Walter Benjamin is Jonathan Adjemian, and sound design and live mix by Richard Feren.The Mysterious Death Of WB was written by Jacob Zimmer and directed by Chris Earle.

– 00:14:27: New adaptation of the traditional folk song "Henry My Son" by ANAMAI aka Anna Mayberry. Online there are other members listed, but apparently that was just her performing at the Junction City Music Hall.  Anna Mayberry is a Toronto-based musician, songwriter and dancer. BUY MUSIC on BANDCAMP

– 00:18:06: Questions in the Dark with Maggie MacDonald, crusader against all things toxic, accompanied by the soothing and non-toxic jazz stylings of John Southworth, live at the Monarch Tavern.

Maggie is a campaigner, writer and musician originally from Cornwall, Ontario. Her interest in all things toxic developed at an early age, when she lived next to a textile mill, and now she works to rid products of carcinogens and endocrine-disrupting chemicals. 

– 00:27:01: Singer Felicity Williams accompanied by Justin Haynes on guitar. Felicity doesn't seem to have a dedicated website, but search her on YouTube, there are a number of performances, as she sings with the band Bahamas, the aforementioned John Southworth, and others.

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