FP02 - We don't have a "Grand Council."

On this episode:

A comic song by Marty Topps; The Mysterious Death of W.B. Chapter 2; A “Dramatic reading of the internet” and songs from Thom Gill and Isla Craig.

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Follow up notes from The Fun Palace on episode one

  • The theme song was arranged and is being performed by Scott Maynard with the Fun Palace Players.

  • Being a book of Poetry does not mean that something is not a critique of capitalism. In fact all books of poetry might be seen as a critique of capitalism.

  • We don’t have a “Grand Council.” The Fun Palace is simply the Fun Palace and anyone could be a Fun Palace.


The Show

00:03:49: A Comic Song from Marty Topps.

“Boyfriend” was recorded at the Monarch Tavern.

Marty Topps - on the internet | on youtube

Marty Topps at The Monarch Tavern. (Mark Loeser)

Marty Topps at The Monarch Tavern. (Mark Loeser)

00:07:19 The surreal serial, The Mysterious Death of WB – Chapter 2

Fact checking:

  • Walter Bendix Schönflies Benjamin - on Wikipedia (SPOILER ALERTS)

  • No one named Gabriel Novus seems to have existed, so I’ve concluded he is fictional.

  • George Bataille - on wikipedia

  • Bibliothèque nationale de France - on wikipedia

  • The Institute for Social Research - on wikipedia

  • Frankfurt School - on wikipedia

The Fun Palace Players are Jacob Zimmer with Becky JohnsonChristopher Stanton, and Susanna Fournier. The music director and voice of Walter Benjamin is Jonathan Adjemian, and sound design and live mix by Richard Feren.The Mysterious Death Of WB was written by Jacob Zimmer and directed by Chris Earle.

00:16:16: A song. Thom Gill performing “Is My Living In Vain”

Thom Gill at the Monarch Tavern. (Christine Latimer)

Thom Gill at the Monarch Tavern. (Christine Latimer)

Thom Gill is a Toronto musician with a bandcamp page.
The song was originally by the Clark Sisters. Here’s great video of them singing it.

00:22:24 Dramatic readings of the internet

The DC-6 in Manassas. (WNV/Ingrid Burrington)

The DC-6 in Manassas. (WNV/Ingrid Burrington)

"Arguing that the public has a right to understand internet infrastructure, artist Ingrid Burrington visits “the cloud”—the data centers of northern Virginia through which two-thirds of internet traffic currently circulates."

Adapted from:

“The Cloud Is Not the Territory” by Ingrid Burrington

READ THE ORIGINAL on wagingnonviolence.org (developed in collaboration with Creative Time Reports.)

Ingrid Burrington on twitter @lifewinning


00:32:15: Isla Craig “There Is A Hole”, performed at Double Double Land in Toronto’s Kensington Market.

Isla Craig - on bandcamp

Isla Craig at Double Double Land (Daniel Goodbaum)

Isla Craig at Double Double Land (Daniel Goodbaum)